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18 Feb

Mobile Device Usage on the Rise - Is Your Email Marketing Compatible?

by Robert Dodd in Email Marketing | Mobile Email

As the 2016 holiday season fades into the distance and the statistics settle into place, we learn that mobile devices are becoming increasingly more important in our lives than our desktops and laptops. A recent article in ( reported that “mobile traffic is approaching the halfway point with desktop visits dropping below half for the final days of November...”

Holiday sales trends confirmed just how connected we are to our mobile devices. IBM reported that online and mobile shopping hit record levels on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and that for the first time, online traffic from mobile devices was stronger than traditional PCs on Thanksgiving Day, making up 52.1% of all online traffic. It seems obvious that in today’s on-the-go world full of smartphones and tablets, that we should pay attention to how information is transmitted. It is essential that information renders well on mobile devices.

At eCampaignPro, we make it easy to get your real estate email marketing message across all platforms. Our arsenal of templates is compatible with all mobile devices so that the message you create is the message that your target sees. Our social syndication feature makes this information shareable at the click of a button and also makes it easy for your audience to share. eCampaignPro tracks these features for accurate reporting that tracks the success of each marketing campaign. As we approach the tipping point with mobile devices, finding out whether your information is compatible with the rise in mobile device use should be at the top of your digital marketing list.

21 Jan

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announce 3% Homeowner Lending

by Robert Dodd in Email Marketing

In December 2014, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced that they would start lending money to people who can put as little as 3% down on a home. The initiative, which was suspended and then reinstated, is meant to encourage low-to-moderate income consumers into homeownership and restore a suffering segment of the industry. For the past few years, many buyers were cash investors, buying up homes in distress and selling them for a quick profit, or holding on to them as rental properties. These all cash deals, along with the tighter credit market hurt the mortgage industry.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, “as of September 2014, the nation’s homeownership rate had sunk to a 19-year low of 64.4 percent.”

Of course, this move is not without debate. There are plenty of naysayers who believe the 3% initiative edges the industry toward the dangerous lending practices that caused the 2008 foreclosure crisis. However, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have assured the industry that they have created safeguards to prevent the same thing from happening.

The primary aim and hope of loosening the belt of lending is to provide a necessary boost to the marketplace and the mortgage service industry. As lending becomes less stringent, the mortgage industry should receive an influx of customers, homeowners with low-down payments and a need for longer mortgages.

As the industry progresses, eCampaignPro offers ways to capitalize and connect with the growing pool of active realtors. Mortgage brokers can benefit from the established network of over 1 million registered real estate agents. Using eCampaignPro’s custom templates for real estate email marketing, mortgage brokers can notify realtors of their services and generate referrals. With eCampaignPro mortgage brokers can do more than just predict an upswing; they can generate activity in the market quickly, and efficiently.